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      PRIYADHARSHINI AQUARIUM is supplying ornamental fishes,aquarium accessories and pet accessories throughout india.We have over 1000 varieties of ornamental fishes and more than 100 fish tanks design.

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    • Including an introduction to Priyadharshini Aquarium, introducing you as an enthusiast and provide introducty to Priyadharhsini Aquarium
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    • Describes about Priyadharshini Aquarium and about our major products, equipment and services.
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    • Including product lists. We are having products in almost 18 categories. And almost covers most ornamental products for Aquarium.
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    • Includes fish varities and categories. We have over 1000 varieties of ornamental fishes.
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    • Describes about services that we provide for Aquarium. We provide almost all types of Aquarium services.
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