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      PRIYADHARSHINI AQUARIUM is a leading importers and exporters of ornamental fishes,aquarium accessories and pet accessories in india.We are located in kolathur of Chennai city.We specialize in the "CHICHLET"variety of ornamental fish as well as accessories.We gaurentee to trace out and provide you with what you require in terms of ornamental fish service with the first of quality and services.In the competitive business we provide the good quality of products and possible lowest in the price.PRIYADHARSHINI AQUARIUM works closely with clients and fill their requirements.We are the manufacturing our aquarium products in the brand name of "VITA".Our aquarium product VITA is the quality and the cheaper one.Our shop covers an area of more than 3600 square feet with good working environment.

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  • About Priyadharshini Aquarium

    PRIYADARSHINI AQUARIUM is a full sales & service custom in aquarium design,installation,maintanence firm.Introducing to our country with new aquarium models of accessories which was not before in the industry.

  • Priyadharshini Aquarium Products

    We are the direct importers of KWZONE ,RSELECTRICAL,PORPOISE AQUARIUM,ALEAS,WEIAO.We are the autherised dealer of JBA.